Monday, 6 February 2012

What's That NOISE?!

Metal. You either love it or hate it. Now, before I get into this, I must say. I don't like grouping different bands into genres (sometimes, you have to, but I still don't like it). To me, it's all just rock 'n' roll, man. Even within metal, there are so many different genres, and I've heard people actually arguing about whether a band is 'nu metal' or not, for example. Who fucking cares?!

Anyway, some people get the impression that if you listen to metal, you must be some angry, sad little soul all the time. Not true. Yes, there are some metal bands that write about suicide or devil worship, but certainly not all of them. Look at those american boys of 'metalcore' band Devil Wears Prada. You'd think, with Mike Hranica screaming down the mic, veins popping out of his neck, saliva flying out of his mouth that he'd be screaming about killing a goat and setting it on fire. But no. They're a Christian band. That's right.
Personally, of all the really heavy stuff I listen to, my favourites are Black Label Society, Pantera and Cancer Bats.
I was bullied in school. When I was younger, I couldn't take a joke. I couldn't stand up for myself. Then I see Zakk Wylde stand on a stage saying "Don't take any shit from FUCKING ANYONE!" and bust out a guitar solo like he was born to play. Shit yeah! I mean look at this guy, he's a beast.
What I'm saying is, listening to metal, and BLS in particular, it fills me with the power and the strength to stand up for myself and never lie down for anyone. It's also perfect to listen to when you're angry or stressed out. Metal plays a very positive role in people's lives. It's also fun as hell to play if you're a musician. In fact, I would say it fills me with a positive energy, and what energy.
You get out of work after a shit day, listen to Deathsmarch by Cancer Bats. Liam shouting "Hey, world, you'll never break me! Bring it on, give it your best shot!" and it might just give you that push you need, the strength to carry on and put a smile back on your face.

I'm not trying to convert people to metal here, I'm just saying, it means a bit more to people than a certain woman singing about how she kissed a girl. I'd rather have my kids banging their heads and listening to someone playing from their fucking heart.

I'll leave you with the late Mr. Hick's thoughts...

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